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You Could Make A Business Out of that Meal


The best compliment ever! And from hungry teenage boys to boot was them raving about a simple pot of hearty goodness combined with skillet cornbread. When one said, I could make a business out of this meal, I had to laugh.

It’s not an unusual occurrence for me to have a house full of boys to feed over the weekend. We have always tried to make our kid’s (wolve’s) friends feel welcome. I’ve always felt that I’d rather have them here than God knows where.

Wolf 3 is a very competitive gymnast and two of his gymnast friends live 1 1/2 hours each way from the gym. Talk about dedication. Those two make that drive after school every day. It’s amazing what these kids can juggle. So, it’s not unusual for them to stay over on a Friday night to cut out one back and forth trip before they have to be back in the gym early Saturday morning.


I keep it simple: chilis, tacos, pizza, barbecue… things I know they will eat. It occurred to me as the boys, with full stomachs headed off to play ping pong, that this phase is coming to an end. Wolf 3 will graduate this Spring and leave for college in the Fall. My days of feeding a pack of boys are coming to an end.

When all three wolves were at home, we would really get a lot of extras on the weekends. Little did I know, a lot was driven by my bacon. I always make a big breakfast one of the two weekend days. My wolves would still be sound asleep, but their friends would be lined up at the kitchen counter eating the bacon as fast as I could make it.

There’s more to cooking than pure nourishment. That’s the time you can get boys to open up and talk. They will laugh, joke, and tease each other, all over a good home-cooked meal. My previous, favorite comment was, “you’re the only Mom we know who makes real bacon,” has been replaced with “you could make a business out of that meal.”

I’m going to miss this.

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