You could do anything for 30 days – right?

January 1st, 2017

Day One of the 30-day Paleo Cleanse challenge.  I had planned to do my paleo grocery shopping for the week yesterday, but New Year’s Eve day got away from me and I’m normally up and in high gear by 5 AM so no worries.

Out too late and drank too much champagne, along with the rest of the world, and woke up at 8:50 AM!!! Off to a great start already – ha!

Luckily, ingredients already on hand for my first Paleo breakfast, a baked egg.


I did not say baked eggs mind you, just one egg.  With no cheese or even butter. It’s a sad little egg that I overcooked and paired with my coffee sans cream – coconut milk just does not have the same consistency but it’s still better than black coffee, although I might change my mind on that one by day 30.

My paleo partner, who has not read the book or done any prep for this crazy adventure, looked at me sideways when I handed him his one egg ramekin for breakfast in bed.

I think a positive attitude, a sense of humor and some moxie or going to be key ingredients of getting through this experiment.

Off to spend my paycheck at Whole Foods stocking up on organic fruits and vegetables and grass-fed meat.

Stay tuned next Sunday for a recap of week one!





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