Wolves with Wi-Fi

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I don’t mean to give wolves a bad name… but I think sometimes strangers think my three boys were raised by wolves.  Okay, so they might be modern-day wolves because they are certainly always connected, always online, but still wolf-raised.

Why do I think this? Because in spite of more than a decade of trying to teach them things like table manners, not all of them have gotten the hang of it.  I used to just say, you act like you were raised by wolves.  And then it morphed into me looking at my husband across the table and saying, wolves with wi-fi (and there might be an eye roll involved).

But we have now hit a critical mass of pack ‘messiness’ mentality.  We need a serious Spring cleaning sprint.

I realize that I have officially missed 2017’s designated Spring Cleaning Week in early March so I’m shifting it to April. http://www.springcleaningweek.com/

I’ve always been that parent that did not obsess about my kids’ rooms being clean – their space and all – but it has now bled into the entire basement (aka ‘teen crib’) and I can’t stand it.  And if ‘laid back Mom’ can’t stand it – it’s bad! It’s time for action.

So, it’s on in April – the wolves have been warned!

Any advice? I don’t want to permanently damage the cubs.


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