Wolves with Wi-Fi

Wolves with Wi-Fi

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I often compare my three boys to wolves and muse that strangers probably think they were raised by wolves because, well, there teenage boys.  So, I call them Wolves with Wi-Fi.  Now your caught-up.

My pack of wolves, aka teenage boys, is going through a big change this week.

My oldest son, wolf 1, is exiting his teen years and he’s far, far away at college, so, I guess we’ll call him ‘lone wolf’ for now.

My middle son, wolf 2, is heading off to college.  My biggest accomplishment, getting him to agree to not take his gaming computer with him.  He’s asked for board and card games – score one for Mom!

My youngest son is now driving and NEVER home – his roaming territory has greatly expanded.

The big wolf and I are feeling a bit like empty nesters – thank goodness for the dog, she has to be part-wolf for sure.

There’s a saying that when you have kids, part of your heart is now wandering the world. Truth.

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