Who’s Ready for Spring


Go away Winter – you’ve overstayed your welcome this year!

We’ve been freezing in Atlanta pretty much non-stop since before Thanksgiving.  I know I should not complain as the North East is about to get hit with like the third Noreaster in the last two weeks.

I’ve only been in one Noreaster, it was when I lived in D.C., and I was going up to Long Island for a wedding.  That storm literally chased us up the coast and bridges were being closed right behind us.  It was a drive and a trip, I hope to never repeat.

So, getting to use the fireplace in Georgia and reading lots of books on cold, rainy, weekend days have been nice but I’m over it.  I’m ready to get out and do some planting. I’m ready for sunshine. I’m ready for it to be muggy and hot.  I’m ready for Summer clothes.

Bring it on!  Pretty please?




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