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Where you grew up is always “home”

Old Market (Omaha, Nebraska)
A new ornament for my tree from the awesome year-round Christmas store in the Old Market

“They” say, you can never go back.  I think that’s bull – you can if you want to but it is true if your not careful you will freeze your memories at the moment you left a place and the reality is it has continued to grow and change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

A recent business trip took me three hours from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska so I definitely took the opportunity to spend the weekend there. You can’t see all the family and friends that you want to in one weekend but you can get a lot in.

I literally exhale deeply when I get off of the plane in my hometown, I’m home.  I feel comfortable, people know me, I know them – I mean really know them. It makes me happy.

I immediately have to eat all of my favorite local foods – yes I generally eat my way through a visit.  Of course, the first night my brother grilled an awesome steak for me – I really don’t like to order steak in a restaurant outside of Omaha. I mean, I will and I do, but it hurts to pay that much knowing it won’t be nearly as good as what comes off my brother’s grill.

I had to grab a Runza, every town has their local place that will never make sense to outsiders.  But when you grow up Hungarian, Czech, Irish, German- American, fried dough with cabbage and ground beef makes sense to you.


I did not get to the Dundee Dell for fish and chips, just not enough time! I did go to the newly re-opened M’s Pub.  Probably my all-time favorite, grownup place to go.  A couple years ago the historic building burned to the ground but it has been rebuilt and seriously looks exactly the same. Awesome job and the escargot is still the best in the world!

The Old Market is the best place to catch up with family, eat, and shop.  Oh, and of course stop at Toad’s for a nightcap.  The streets were full and bustling on a weekend evening even though so much of the city has moved way out West – I still think they are missing out on a lot by not coming into the downtown area as much as possible, but heh, I don’t live there.

M's Pub with Family

My oldest son comes home from college today, he wrapped up his Summer internship. He is homesick although he won’t admit it.  He called me when I was down in the Old Market that evening and said, are you happy to be home? Of course, I said yes. He said I get it.  That about sums it up and I cannot wait to feed him all of his favorite foods – he has two weeks before he has to be back at school and I want him to enjoy being home!

Getting to spend time with friends that have known you for years and years (I don’t want to even say how many years) is priceless. Man, I miss them.  No one knows you quite like they do.  I laugh so hard when we are together.


The way the sunrise and the sunset paints the sky; it’s an art show every day. Makes me just want to sit in a rocking chair on the porch. And I do!

So, I guess I’ll just, go home every chance I get.

You can take the girl out of Nebraska BUT you can’t ever really take Nebraska out of the girl!

Burning up in a corn field. But happy.
Look at that corn grow!



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