What’s in an old building?



The first text hit my phone early in the evening, M’s Pub is on fire. No! It was worse than I could have imagined, the historical building and M’s Pub are both gone. So relieved that no one was seriously hurt. Thank you to all of the Omaha firefighters who worked around the clock in freezing temperatures and in dangerous conditions to put out and contain the fire, including my cousin Jerry who also posted these pictures of the damage.

I know it might seem silly to be so sad over the loss of a building. But this century old building anchoring the corner of the Old Market not only housed M’s, but also stores and homes above it. You can’t see it in these frozen pics but right on this corner is a big round planter that was the weekend meeting spot before we had cell phones to coordinate.

M’s Pub was one of my favorite places when I lived in Omaha.  Who eats escargot in Omaha? Everyone who goes to M’s – I actually crave that buttery, garlic snaily concoction.  I’ve tried it in many places since and never found anyone who makes it better. It just had such a great vibe and was my transition point from drinking beer in college to drinking wine and Stoli shots, which sounds silly now but it was a transition to being more “grown up.”

I’m kicking myself now for not having stopped in over the holidays.  I kept saying I need to but in my mind M’s would always be there.



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