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We both have wings

MomMy Mom should be celebrating her 89th Birthday with me today, but instead, tomorrow is the third anniversary of her death. I still rail against the C word, the cancer that stole her quickly and unexpectedly away from me. But trust me when I say, she most definitely received her wings on the other side.

My Mom was a woman of unshakeable faith, a quiet inspiration, and rock to so many. She gave me my wings as she quietly shaped the woman I have become as I continue to strive to be half the woman she was some day.

Much of what I have accomplished is due to the sacrifices she made for my education, in keeping our family together during tough times, and instilling strong values and work ethic into my DNA.

She gave me the wings to be and do what was unthinkable and unachievable in her lifetime. And every time I unfurl my wings and soar to new places, to new experiences, and to new challenges, I honor her and the love of a Mother.

So, as I feel sorry for myself and mourn this weekend, there will be tears of sorrow and tears of joy, but one thing I do know is that my Mom’s wings are now taking her to places I can’t even imagine.


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