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Way Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee

Made famous by the Alan Jackson song, the Chattahoochee river winds its way through the state of Georgia – meandering right through the city of Atlanta – delivering endless recreation. People are always surprised at how lush and green most of Georgia is “for being in the South.”

But I gotta tell ya, that muddy water will sink into your soul. There’s nothing like seeing it at sunrise before the fog has burned off and left you with a Georgia day that is hotter than a “hoochie coochie.”

It’s easy to get lost in just watching a man throwing a ball to his dog. You will see muddy, happy wet dogs for sure!

Minutes from anywhere near Atlanta, you can find the water, great hiking trails, and solitude. You can be so isolated in the woods, so quickly, ’round here that you can almost imagine the native Americans who used to live in these woods are still right around the next bend.

As our wings continue to be clipped for now, I continue to explore closer to home and spending more time on or near the Chattahoochee reminds me that many natural wonders will often be the ones you take for granted right in your own backyard.

So keep exploring and feeding your soul!

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