Waitin’ for snow


Nothing makes me feel like a kid from Omaha more than waiting for it to snow.  I thought I would wake up to a blanket of freshly fallen snow today but at the current rate it’s falling, it won’t amount to much.

Thinking through the pros and cons of snow…


You have no guilt when you curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket and a good book for hours (today’s equivalent would be binge watching NetFlix or gaming).

It’s beautiful, for a couple of hours until we start digging out.

Get that fireplace going.

Eppley is almost always open and warm weather is a mere three hour flight away!  Sorry, that was snarky but it crossed my mind many times growing up.


School/work is usually on and you can’t be that guy that couldn’t make it in to work!  And after that they usually would cancel the evening stuff that you really wanted to do.

Your parents expect you to shovel/blow the snow and walk to the bus stop!

Driving is often at your own risk and can be a life appreciating event.

Slush! I hate dirty snow and slushy messiness. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

So, snow was never my favorite part of growing up in Omaha.  Yesterday, one of my son’s said, “Mom, I don’t know how you ever lived where it is this cold!”  Now keep in mind my Georgia boys who were repeatedly told to pack warm, brought light jackets, no gloves, one brought a hat and one brought boots!  Their idea of cold is spring skiing in Colorado!  You know where they will be all day today… on the x-box with zero guilt!  I hope they enjoy their rare snow day! And as long as the propane truck can make it up the hill that I couldn’t yesterday, they’ll be warm too.


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