Training, Month One

Half Marathon

Ow! I can’t say that I feel like a runner yet.  I can say that the training has started.

The new shoes have been bought. The miles are getting logged, albeit most of them walked.

This is going to be tough but I have so much support from Stephen and friends, I can do this.

Like any goal, I’ve broken it down into steps and right now I’m focused on 4.3 miles, so let’s round it down to 4 miles.  That certainly sounds less intimidating than 13.1 or even 4.3.

A lot of people have said, don’t worry if you end up walking part of it, no big deal. I’m not ready to concede that yet but it certainly is a fallback plan.

I have four goals for my first (and maybe only) half marathon.

  1. Finishing the race.
  2. Finishing the race not at the end of the pack (see tidbit on finishing last below) when they are re-opening streets and there is a motorcycle cop on my behind.
  3. Feeling great post -race so I can dance all night at the Pagan Ball at Castello di Amorosa
  4. Attaching earned 13.1 magnet to the back of my SUV

So, it’s Spring. The weather is beautiful and I’m headed out for a run with my good friend Deb.  I have to say I’m looking forward to that run, okay run/walk.

Oh, and here’s the quick tidbit on finishing last.  Don’t ever enter a canoe race with two young kids who think oars are for sticking in the water to stop all forward motion.  And if you do so enter the race stick the younger kids with your husband, don’t let him take the older kid who knows what to do with an oar. And yes the Coast Guard is duty bound to make sure you safely get through the race (all of it). I think they almost just gave up and took over command of the canoe.  Ah, good times.




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