Training, Month Five

Half Marathon

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat” says my fortune cookie fortune.

I find that just over a month out from the half-marathon, I’m in better shape but not where I wanted to be. I have acquired quite a few new, cute, workout outfits though, so that’s a bonus.

After continuing to battle issues with my foot, I have resigned myself to walking rather than run/walking the race.

I’m disappointed but remain focused on getting the miles walked in each week. My schedule between work and the kids has picked up significantly and made that more challenging. Plus, Fall has not arrived in Georgia and it’s still in the 90’s every day. But still I’m out there plodding away.

I would like to cut 20 minutes off of my race time, probably too lofty of a goal since my legs just don’t seem to want to walk any faster, but I keep trying to speed up a little.

I’m glad that I am doing this race but looking forward to it being over. I’ve already set my next fitness goal, two actually, but we’ll save that for another day.

Right now, I’m focused on this goal in October.  Even though the walk is in wine country, I’m sure the water stations on the route won’t be stocked with wine, but I’m looking forward to a big glass the evening after the race!

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