Training, Month 3

Half Marathon

So, a bit of panic is setting in.  I’m moving a lot more – more walking then running but some running thrown in. I’ve been trying to use the interval method of walk one minute, run three minutes.

I’m getting a bit nervous as it feels like October will be here in a flash. I’m not worried about walking 13.1 miles, but in my run/walk fashion I am worried about getting it done in the 3 hours that I have set out to complete it in.

And I would like to be in pretty good shape after the event as I have big Halloween celebration plans for that evening.

It is hotter than blazes in Georgia right now which has made training even more difficult – it’s literally close to 100 degrees every day  – from before dawn to way after dusk.

But I’m still at it and now need to increase the mileage beyond the four mile mark several times each week.

Next up is buying the plane tickets and finalizing hotel and other plans.  That will give me a shot of motivation for July as well!








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