Traffic Apocolypse – is the heartland the answer?

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Us Atlantans are certainly living in interesting commuting times. The late March collapse of a key bridge on I-85 is having repercussions far and wide. Already horrible commutes and utter gridlock have grown to epic proportions.  And not only is the main interstate impacted, so is every other interstate and side road.  And for those of us who don’t work in town, we still have to try to navigate around it to get to the airport or to sporting events.

I can only imagine what this is doing to our city’s collective productivity, not to mention our home lives.  Someone should do a divorce rate analysis a year from now to see if there is a spike or maybe even a decline in the birth rate.

I saw this billboard while I was at a standstill on a side road in the suburbs very early on a Saturday morning.  I appreciate that the crews are working seven days a week on a much needed and overdue water main infrastructure project, but when you can’t even catch a break at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, well this might catch your eye.

Now I’m a heartland girl so I know the pros and cons of a Midwest town versus a big city and while I’m not sure that Indiana’s marketing will yield a lot of takers, believe you me, as we sit in our gas guzzling cars going nowhere, we certainly are wondering how long this madness is sustainable.  And who knows, they might get a few takers.

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