Traditional Resolutions on Hold


Too many things are up in the air for me to finalize any goals. I’ve stopped stressing about it – who says we have to turn that leaf over January 1st. It’s enough right now just to try to keep it all together. I will say I’m practicing active patience, a lot. Like most of you I run at full speed all the time but I can really see the silver lining in this forced slow down. I am getting to spend time with my Mom that I’ll never regret having done. I have the honor of being one of her caregivers. I’m reconnecting with family and friends that I don’t get to see very often.

And while this is definitely tough on my children and husband, it also has the silver lining of my children having to be a bit more independent and also understanding that death is a part of life and while it is very sad, a great life is worth living and celebrating right up to the end. Their Grandmother is truly an inspirational role model. I am blessed to have an amazing, supportive husband. One of the things I love most about him is how important family is too him as well. It has also brought me closer to my brother and sister as we figure this out together, one day at a time.  We never fail to have a sense of humor and laughter, even in tough times, and it is a blessing.

So, even though I can’t plan right now (tough thing for a planner to acknowledge), I can focus on the positive things that are emerging from this experience that I wish no one ever had to go through.

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