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Tough Times for A Hugger!


First off, thank goodness I’ve been in self-isolation with my husband, kids, and dog! Plenty of loved ones and fur babies for me to hug on. My heart goes out to those truly alone during this health crisis.

My Dad was a hugger, most times it was just a quick sideways hug on the way out the door with a hand squeeze. I did not get a lot of spoken I love you’s but that love was transferred in hugs all the time.

I grew up to be both a hugger and an I love you, teller. Losing loved ones taught me from a young age not to wait to let people know you care and often. I don’t leave that to chance.

So, as my community starts to slowly relax shelter in place orders and I’m venturing out just a tad more, I’m starting to see neighbors and hopefully soon friends and more family (no family members live close to us so we have not had any drive-by moments).

It’s left me questioning what the new normal will look like for us huggers and it ain’t pretty. I will have to curb my impulse to hug for sure and I hate every single minute of the thought of that.

A world without hugs, well that just sucks.

I feel like it is one more way that we are being torn apart and isolated at a time where we most need to be pushed together and feel part of a bigger connected community.

So, I don’t know what the future holds but I do pray that it looks more like the pre-corona days then what is currently being foreshadowed.

Touch, in all its forms, is like water to humans. We all need it for good mental health and a sense of well-being. Are safe hugs next?


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