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This Ain’t My Uncle’s Farm

Being severely limited in travel options, I have been missing being out on a farm. Good news! There are plenty of farms, probably near you, that welcome visitors.

I spent a Saturday south of Atlanta at Serenbe, including at Serenbe Farms. Now Serenbe is much more than a farm – it’s a sprawling social experiment in mixed-use, modern, country living. Where else can you play in the dirt on an organic farm and then dine in a fine restaurant?

Trying to beat the August heat, we started early at Serenbe’s Farmers Market. I definitely brought home some Japanese eggplant and fresh arugula! The different areas of Serenbe are called Hamlets and are all connected by lovely walking trails, and of course roads if you need to get somewhere faster, faster usually being at golf cart speeds.

I’m definitely coming back to spend a full day hiking between the hamlets and eating in all the establishments I did not get to try. The well maintained trails are all beautiful – your blood pressure will drop the minute you step into the woods and you can just breathe. I’d like to see them in the Fall when the leaves turn colors.

Saturday is fried chicken day at the Farmhouse restaurant and it was dee-licious and came with a side of okra, corn, and beans. Add some iced tea, I may be in the South but I still can’t do sweet tea, and oh my, yum!

With tummies full, we explored the grounds around the Farmhouse restaurant and the Inn. I’m going to keep an eye out for specials at the Inn as I’ve added staying the night and eating dinner at the Farmhouse to my to-do list. The grounds are gorgeous and have a lot of games for the kiddos if you bring them along.

Adults and children alike will love spending time with the farm animals. They even have goat yoga but that’s a big pass for me. If you were a farm animal, this would definitely be the place to be!

Around every bend you will find surprises and breath taking views. And in no rush, you can just take it all in.

We ended are day with a tour of the on-site organic farm. I learned a lot and brought home fresh produce. There’s nothing like a day at the farm and unlike my Uncle Ham’s farm when I was a kid… they did NOT put me to work.

Get out there and get dirty!

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