The Ripple Effect


Being here with Mom, I have the honor of seeing her through other people’s eyes. I’ve realized these past few weeks how many lives my Mom has and continues to touch. In her career life Mom was a nurse. All my nurse friends now know why they all have an extra special place in my heart, as it truly is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Mom received a Christmas card this past week from a housekeeper at the hospital they both worked at many, many years ago now.  She said she receives a card from this lady every year and always with a nice newsy note and she told me a bit about this woman’s life and struggles. And I’m thinking ripple, this woman is not a friend really but someone that Mom touched in some small way, some connection was made, that continues to stand. Wow.

It got me thinking and I see these ripples that Mom has created everywhere now.  Not through some big act but simply by living her life the way she does through her kindness, generosity, faithfulness and friendship.


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