The F Word for Floridians is H for Hurricances


Sorry, I’ve been offline – with any free time, spent hurricane watching, from the heartbreaking devastation Harvey delivered to the forming of and then devastation of Irma. I have never seen so many spaghetti models in my life! I’m not sure there ever was one that ended up being right.

We’ve had east coast evacuees with us  – the guest room is always ready this time of year – and we’ve had neighbors that just didn’t want to be alone.  Life still goes on and I was actually in California for work when Irma hit – I barely made it home before the storm moved into Georgia.  I can’t explain the deep desire to not be separated from family when it hit.

As we assess the aftermath and evacuees start returning home to assess the damage, many of us feel helpless how to help beyond the donations.  I think one way to help is to make sure you re-think your personal emergency plans. The Red Cross has details below for a basic kit. I, personally, think your planning should be more extensive but this is certainly a great start.

I think growing up in the Midwest, we always had plans for what when a tornado pops up (notice the deliberate when not if) and your winterized car always included the blizzard survival kit.  Don’t think my oldest didn’t have his kit and his plan when he went off (far, far, off) to college this Fall.

I mentioned earlier, we had repeat evacuees – guess what, we are part of their emergency plan.  Where are you going to go if you need to leave immediately?

People sometimes laugh at me for this planning but honestly, I think it’s just part of being a responsible adult and parent! Be safe.




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