The ever versatile cauliflower


I’ve been making cauliflower mashed “potatoes” for years now.  My kids don’t like them but what do they know. Lately, I’ve been really craving pizza so I tried two brands that looked interesting. A margarita cauliflower crust pizza by Caulipower and a Mushroom & Roasted Garlic pizza by daiya.

They were both good and definitely hit my pizza cravings.  I really liked the Caulipower pizza and will try some other flavors. At just under $8 it was much more cost-effective than the restaurant-based California Pizza Kitchen cauliflower crust pizzas that are around $15 but oh so yummy.

CPK told me that they have perfected the cauliflower crust with just the right amounts of added cheese, milk, and egg. They said it took some trial and error but I agree that they have nailed it.  Ask for it crispy.  I will do some experimenting on my own cauliflower crust when I get some time, aka, probably never!

The daiya was okay but the non-dairy “cheese” has a weird consistency like it sticks to the top of your mouth and never quite really melts. See how the picture makes the cheese look gooey, yeah it never really gets gooey like that.  It was okay though and I accidentally bought it so if you have gluten or dairy issues, it would be a good choice.

So, as I’m working on this Keto plan, I’ll keep trying new things.   If you’ve found some good brands, let me know.  No one has time to cook from scratch all the time.

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