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The Coastal Redwoods – Day Two

This turned out to be my favorite day for Redwoods – the stretch from Cave Junction, Oregon down to the town of Klamath, California on the Pacific Ocean and the Klamath River.  Next time, I think I’ll spend a week right here.

There are hiking trails for all levels, including those only requiring a few steps off of the road for those that can’t hike.  There are also lots of driving tours that don’t require getting out and hiking.

We had researched several short (1 – 3 mile) hikes and really got to spend a lot of time in the woods.  Every tree has a story and I really wanted to hear them all.

What do the bumps mean?

The bumps are called Burls and they are basically ‘bud tissue’.  Redwoods can grow from seeds or these burls.  When a redwood falls or is damaged, the burl may sprout and grow a new tree. Cool, right?

Redwood Tip: There is an agricultural inspection when going from Oregon to California.  Not fruit or vegetables can go into California – bye bye apples!

Look how you’ve grown together?

Redwoods tend to grow up in clusters and often join together.  Their patterns are endless and unique as they stretch up to the heavens.

Fun Fact: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi had scenes filmed in the Redwood National and State Park?  If you don’t believe in aliens, fairies, or elves, you might change your mind after a visit to the redwoods.  Many times you will be sure, they are just around the next bend!

Why do you fall?

It seems so sad to see you lying on the forest floor.  What a relief to know that it’s part of your cycle and even though you can live for thousands of years, it is your pattern to make way for other trees when you are ready.

What fire came through here?

Oh, the stories you could tell.  You have scars and bumps that make you unique.  Amazingly you can withstand all but the hottest of fires and insects can’t get through your bark.

Redwood Tip: It’s tough to pack light for this trip.  I had cold weather clothes, rainy weather clothes, and hot weather clothes.  I pretty much only wore the cold weather clothes BUT I was prepared for any scenario. The area gets over 100 inches of rain a year!


I’ve always loved lazing away an hour finding images in puffy white clouds on a warm, sunny day.  Now, I’m obsessed with all of the faces I see in the trees.  We visited ahead of Halloween and I kept thinking, this is fine during the day but I would be scared … to be wandering around here at night!

Hiking and exploring can sure make you hungry.  There are not a lot of places to stop and eat, particularly in October which is the off-season.

Redwood Tip: Pack a lunch, Pack snacks. Pack water.

We headed toward Crescent City, in search of lunch and to visit the Battery Point lighthouse that you can only get to during low tide. Seriously, and don’t get stuck on the island with the lighthouse, that would not be a great time.

The SeaQuake was the perfect stop for a burger and beer! And we hit our visit during low tide and were able to explore the lighthouse.  I’m a sucker for lighthouses!  heh, I just noticed that California numbers all of its landmarks, this is #951, might be an interesting trek through California via the landmarks – add that to the backlog list.

The last stop for the day will take your breath away!  We went to the touristy overlook where the mighty Klamath River meets the Pacific Ocean.  There is a nice overlook in the parking lot (seen below) but for the brave of heart, aka as us, we made the mile plus hike down to the second overlook.  It was foggy and you start above the clouds.  The seals frolicking nosily in the water below beckon you to come play.  This hike is not for the out of shape, just FYI, down is fun, up well it is definitely up!

Day Two was action-packed and we will head now to the historic Requa Inn for the night – stay tuned for that adventure. If you missed Day One of the Redwoods, the Redwoods via pictures, or A Night in the Trees, go back and catch up.




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