Thank You


Two little words that we don’t say enough. Sure we all teach our kids to say please and thank you, but to genuinely mean it, takes some practice and some living.

Helping each other makes the world go ’round. 

I’ve certainly lived and learned that this past year as I have reached out and leaned on so many friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.

Sometimes a hug says it all, but it’s those unexpected acts of kindness that will really blow you away.

I’ve always been one who took pride in being independent – I realize I’ve actually had a facade of independence but in reality my amazing family and friends have been quietly holding me up the whole time.

That’s pretty humbling, but once you let go of that fear,  you look at all these amazing people that have been put into your life in a whole new light.  A thankful light of gratitude.

So, as I face my first Thanksgiving without my Mom, I’ll be smiling at the great memories of our last Thanksgiving together and I’ll be working to quietly be that ray of light for others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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