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Taking Wing

So, this happened. I flew. On an actual airplane. And other than wearing a mask, it felt totally normal!

Same long lines, same fast food, same cramped seats. It felt great! No, it felt awesome!

My first ‘air’ trip in over a year was a quick, work trip but I’m so ready. Watch out world, here I come. And I’m not the only one. I see the hospitality industry scrambling to get back to full strength. We all need to have a tad more patience during this ramp up.

I had a few extra minutes so I actually stood at the big sign looking at all of the destinations my fellow travelers were headed to and daydreaming about joining them. Every gate I passed, I was asking my self, have I been there yet and reminiscing on favorite spots I want to revisit.

I stepped out of the flow to pause and look up and down the concourse. I was smiling (behind my mask) at the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Normal feels so good.

This wanderlust is very happy. See you on the road soon!

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