Paleo Challenge – Week Four

On the home stretch with two days to go. Feeling proud and actually feeling really darn good. It’s still a lot of work but any healthy eating habits are going to require planning, prep and discipline. It has gotten easier and faster though. The day after our 30 day cleanse ends, we are headed off […]

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Paleo Challenge – Week Three

Last week was super tough. I still had cravings, my stomach was upset, and cooking and prepping was taking up a lot of time.  You could say, I was hitting the wall. But somewhere between week 2 and week 3, a shift happened.  I feel so much better.  My energy levels are great. I wake […]

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Paleo Challenge – Week Two

Not as hungry as I was week one. I still fear being really hungry and stuck somewhere with no good options, so I carry snacks, just in case. I find I’m not really munching on veggies in between meals and that I’m not as hungry – not always finishing a meal. Challenges week two were […]

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Paleo Challenge – Week One

Giving better health a jump start in 2017.  A 30-day Paleo cleanse – healthy vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and water.  No carbs, no dairy, no alcohol, no processed food. Planning and preparation are the keys.  I have to not think about what I’m going to eat this week.  My husband is also doing the cleanse […]

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