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Summer Days by the Sea Shore

Ahhhh, I’m back from 10 days of sitting at the edge of the Atlantic ocean. Truly, my only worry being would the tide dare to reach my chair. And, when would the 8 kids be hungry again, oh to have their metabolism and energy!

We clearly had a house full. It was mayhem at times but oh so much fun. I love this time of year and the 4th of July at the beach is the best. I love it because like Thanksgiving, it is a holiday that’s about family, friends, relaxing, and being thankful. No stress of gift exchanges in sight.

Throw in sunshine, sand, surf, and good company and I am recharged to take on the rest of Summer. I truly believe getting your dose of Vitamin Sea is essential. If you can’t get to the ocean, a pool, a lake, a sprinkler will all work too. Look at that smile! Kids making memories.

I’m a big believer in a mid-year pause to reset your intentions and energy for the every busy back half of the year. If I lived by water, I would never tire of the sunrises or the sunsets – it’s truly a spiritual experience that would be a blessing to set your clock to. Enjoy some of my favorite sunrise and sunset pics – my phone camera just can’t quite capture the magnitude of the free show the sky puts on daily.

I hope you are finding time to enjoy lazy Summer days. Visit new places. Spend time with family. And make new friends. Enjoy!

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