Spinning out of my comfort zone


We’ve all heard about these spin classes popping up everywhere.  They are kind of like Zoomba with their tribes of followers.

One opened up by my house and a few of us decided to try it.  One swears by it (and was the instigator) and two of us had never spun before.  One of us bailed (not me) and one of us survived her first spin class (me) and in fact really liked it.

Saying yes to new things, especially in exercise, can be scary, but it’s good to shake it up.

I’ll go back to spin class – I think it’s an excellent cardio option that is low impact.  I think that my husband will love it and I’ll be bringing him with me to the next class.

I now know how to unclip from the bike and I’ll feel a lot more comfortable on the bike once I figure out how to clip in but these are things that will come naturally after a few classes and the fellow riders and the instructor were all awesome and supportive.

So, give it a whirl!  Next up might be Zoomba.

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