Seize Summer


Ready? Set? Go!  Summer officially starts today.  92 days of Summer fun!  Let’s not waste them.

It always feels easier to eat more healthy foods and exercise more during Summer because it just feels good, like you are playing, like you are on vacation, even when you are working every day.

The sun is up early and stays up late and so do we!

So rediscover your bike.  Remember when you could ride for hours as a kid? I’ve been meeting a friend at 6:15, yes AM, a couple times of week to ride on a fantastic greenway space near our office.  It is light out, the temperature hovers just below 80, and when we get done riding we feel like warriors all day.

Eat fruit.  Berries, berries, and more berries. Just Yum!

Get some Vitamin D by grabbing a few minutes in the sun.  Where ever there is water from a sprinkler to the pool to the beach – I’m good.

Play in the dirt.  Grow some herbs, grow some tomatoes, or stop by the local farmer’s market every weekend and support someone that did.

Play.  Hang out with friends, make new friends. Play some ‘adult’ games from corn hole to my kid’s favorite, spike ball.  We are learning to play bocce ball this Summer.

Whatever says Summer to you, make sure you get out there and do it.  We’ve got 92 days of Summer to go – I’m not wasting a single one.

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