Save Summer


I know the school calendar is an archaic holdover from agrarian days. And I also know it keeps getting shorter and shorter.  This year school’s in my area start on August 1st.  Yep you heard me right.

Being an early August birthday, I would have loved that.  I was always out of school on my birthday and everyone forgot it.  Of course now I wish everyone would forget it.

Remember waking up late with the entire day stretched out before you? And except for that annoying list of chores your Mom left you, you were FREE.  And you could certainly squeeze in those chores 15 minutes before your Mom got home.

You would grab your best friend, hop on your bike. My ride of choice is below. And you were off on a great adventure.


Ah, kids these days.  They rarely hop on their bikes.  They do hop on their computers.  If we were really feeling adventurous we would pack a lunch and ride down to the public pool for the day.  The kids might walk down to the neighborhood pool for a bit – you know just to see who is around.

So even though my kids’ memories will be different than mine, I don’t want them to lose Summer. So before all the camps and trips start, I hope they sleep in late, are forced to figure out what to make for lunch, go lay in the sun, and hang out with their friends.

Summer’s good for me too.  No having to make sure everyone is up at the crack of dawn. No more running carpool. And traffic is great with no school buses on the road.

So, off to work for me.  We are supposed to wear ‘work appropriate’ shorts and flip flops today. Yeah, that’s going to turn out well. But King of Pops will be at the office this afternoon – if you are not familiar with King of Pops – this is food truck meets popsicles for grown ups. No, they are not spiked but they have ‘grown up’ flavors like Blueberry Lemon Grass, Fresh Peach, and Creamy Avocado (ew!).  I would really rather have a good old red,white and blue bomb-pop that runs down the back of your hand, but heh, it sucks to be a grown up.

See you at the p0ol!


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