I had a hall pass in 2016 but I’m rolling into 2017 highly motivated  I’ve always loved the transition from one year to the next. I like to reflect on the past year (what worked, didn’t work) and bring that forward into my thoughts and goals for the coming year.

It’s not rocket science but I spend time looking across all the major buckets of my life: my marriage, my children, my family, my friends, my work,and my health. And I usually like to set a couple of stretch goals for the new year.

For 2016, even though I did not go through my normal end of year process, I set a stretch goal of running a half marathon. And while I ended up walking the half, actually two of them, I missed my original goal but hit my modified goal and certainly got in a lot more exercise than I would have had I not set the original goal.

So, while plans change, it’s infinitely better to start with goals and a plan and make modifications as needed.

Which brings me back to 2017.  You see 2017 will be a big milestone year for me.  I turn 50 next year.  Wow! That sounds so old, to not be in your 40’s anymore.  Did you notice in the way I think through the buckets of my life that ‘my health’ was at the end of the list?

Yeah, I noticed that too. In 2017, I have to turn that around and put ‘my health’ up front.

If you have not seen Chris Barker’s amazing collage for 2016 definitely see it on the link below.  If you’ve been saying to yourself this year, we’ve lost so many of the great ones, well you’re right.


And while some of these heroes lived very long, productive,amazing lives, others left us much, much too early.  Health (physical,mental and spiritual) really is everything so, for 2017, health is my primary focus.

This week you will find me being introspective and soon I’ll be turning that into an action plan.  But for now, I’m sending good wishes to you on your 2017 planning.






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