Remnants of Saturday Night

Teen crib garbage from Saturday night

Having three teenage boys is a lot like living in a dorm or what I imagine a frat house to be like, just swap the kegs for Red Bull.

The house is quiet this morning.  I’m up early with my coffee and McKenna snuggled at my feet. I’m smiling as I look at the remnants in the kitchen from said teenagers last night: girl scout cookie boxes – check; cookie sheet from pizza rolls – check; soda liter bottles – check. Clearly garbage was not taken out to the can – check. In fact I think the can from Friday’s pickup is still at the curb.

The teen crib was pretty crowded last night – at last count we had six extra teens. My two younger sons  I think gave up and went to their rooms not wanting to hang with their older brother’s friends.

But movies, video games and probably card games – these teens are card sharks –  were all going on. As these kids inch closer to senior year, I want them to enjoy this time and I really would rather have them all at my house then somewhere else. So, we keep the junk food stocked.

I would have hated this as a teenager but the county we live in has a curfew – all teen drivers have to be home by midnight which means that at 11:45 it’s like the Indy 500 around here. But at least you know you will have your house back by midnight.

I’ll start waking up the boys around noon and then the mad rush to get ready for the week will start. We will all be fighting over the one washer and dryer – everyone waits until Sunday afternoon to do their laundry.

And the Sunday mantra of the cleaners are coming, the cleaners are coming, will ring through the house.  Sometimes I think we spend as much time getting ready for  the cleaners as it would take to actually clean it ourselves. But imagine what their bathrooms look like – yeah, I’m not touching that!

So, a typical Sunday with three teenage boys begins and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


  • pollykingdom

    I love this! I’m only 21 at the moment but remember my house being the port of call too because of this exact reason. Bless my dad for being the cool one, haha. It sounds like chaos with three boys but it’s all about the fun times.

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