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Rediscovering the Magic of Christmas



I know, it often feels like the most stressful time of the year rather than the most wonderful time of the year. Given that it is now two days away, you are either basically ready or basically screwed, in which case you won’t have time to read this post.

I love, love Christmas but that does not make me immune to its stresses. I’ve been trying to minimize them and accept when enough is enough and I’m just not going to get anything else done AND wait for it, that’s okay.


The house is as decorated as it’s going to be and new this year, everything is tied into Alexa and when I say Alexa, turn on Christmas lights, my house is instantly transformed – so awesome! This year, Christmas cards are going out, albeit they may arrive a day or two late. I am not doing an Open House, I just didn’t have the energy. I am loosely planning, several somewhat spontaneous group dinners over the next two weeks though.


The presents have either been shipped or are wrapped and ready to go under the tree. As the wolves (aka kids) have gotten older their wish list is smaller, yet significantly more expensive. This is the first year that I’m not worried about how many presents they have under the tree. It’s also the first year that Wolf 1 (oldest kid) will not be home for the holidays. I’m losing him to his girlfriend this year – that’s a tough pill for mama wolf to swallow but I’ve come to terms with it, knowing that he is growing up.

And lastly, my husband and I both agreed, for real, to not buy each other any Christmas presents, not even stocking stuffers. I read recently about a movement for adults not to buy each other presents – why spend money, go in debt, for things most people don’t want anyway? The real gifts are the thoughtful ones, especially the ones where we spend time together, not distracted. I may be down with that plan completely for 2020.

I am looking forward to Midnight Mass and sleeping in on Christmas morning knowing that I’ll still be awake well before the teenage kids start to stir.

So, my wish for you is a calm, spirit-filled, Merry little Christmas, whatever brings you joy is just right.



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  • ICT Genealogist

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Sorry that your oldest wolf won’t be there.

    I tend to be in the “too late” crowd.

    My fondest family memories of Christmas were we got to open 1 present Christmas Eve which may be overruled by them if it was one they wanted us to open Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, we (the wolves) would get up early, but we weren’t allowed to open presents until our parents were aware. Waking them was not allowed. Plus, we had to eat breakfast first once they were awake.

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