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Real Girls Throw Axes


Have you seen this latest craze?  Darts but with axes? Sounds silly but it’s “like totally awesome!”

This is not for small kids, but older teens (15+) and adults of all ages will love it.  The instructors are great and you get a lot of practice before the tournament begins.  It’s a classic tournament bracket style of elimination, competing for that wood chip that says you are a winner.  Watch this, it’s even better in slow-mo.

[wpvideo p6qA1RhT]

It is good, clean family fun and trust me everyone is a beginner when it comes to throwing an axe.  And just like basketball, you can throw two-handed granny style or get all sassy with the standing still, one-handed throws.  There are no points for style, but you still need to have some sass when you are holding a sharp axe.

It is two hours of fun that will fly by.  I felt like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, I thought there was a scene with his hair flowing where he throws an axe, my husband says he shot an arrow but in my mind, it was an axe and I was channeling my inner Mel!


Check out Bury the Hatchet to see if they have a location near you yet.  Right next door is a place like a sip n’ paint except you put a planter together in a little round fish bowl.  That seems like it might have potential… next time.

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