Real Estate Voyeurism Feeds My Wanderlust


Okay, I’ll admit it, I love to look at real estate.  You could say I attend a lot of online Open Houses.  Some people may spend way too much time on FaceBook, I spend way too much time on real estate sites. I guess there could be worse habits.

I love to virtually try on places and I’m always making lits of places that I want to stop in on our travels.  With just a click you can be anywhere in the world.  You can try on locations and different types of houses.  Do I want that 100-acre farm in Nebraska or maybe a ski in condo in Utah?  The possibilities are endless.

Yep, I’m truly a wanderlust.

Wanderlust: Strong longing for or impulse toward wandering. – Merriam Webster

I did check out trusty Google to see if I was alone in my love of real estate voyeurism. And you guessed it, it’s a thing and I’m not alone.

For me, it’s often less about the houses and more about the surrounding communities and what they have to offer.  These sites are just a jumping off point for me, thanks to Google Maps, I’m always looking at what parks, restaurants, festivals, and activities are surrounding a location.

When I visit, I tend to try to stay away from the tourist traps and really go where the locals go and get a sense of how they live and interact.  So, I’m off again, planning my next trip.


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