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“Preparing” for Hurricane Dorian

Sorry I’ve been distracted with Hurricane Dorian headed toward the eastern seaboard. You would not know from watching the sunrise yesterday what was swirling mere hundreds of miles away. I’ve been told the surf and wind started to pick up a bit yesterday and have intensified this morning. All coastal areas are under mandatory evacuation at staggered times throughout the day. I’m thankful Wolf 1, my youngest son, is in Atlanta with me because, despite the warnings, it would be impossible to keep him off of his surfboard and out of the ocean – he has been tracking the wave height from afar.

Wolf 2, my middle son, had just returned to school on the Florida coast. My husband was still in Florida when Dorian was brewing so they are both together, thankfully, and they will head to Orlando today to ride out the storm with friends of ours that live near the mouse house.

This is good practice for Wolf 2, his first of what will likely be many evacuations during his time in Florida. He will learn first hand what to do and when to do it. Having your hurricane prep kit and a full tank of gas are key to being comfortable in these storms.

It’s also a good reminder that even as a traveler you not only need to keep an eye on the weather but you also need to have alternate plans in place. We have been working on 3 evacuation plans all week depending on which way the storm turned.

Meanwhile back in Atlanta we will welcome friends evacuating from the South Carolina coast today. The next few days will be spent staring at weather maps, news reports, and images of the coast as they come in. It’s stressful to not know if your home is still standing and their is relief in knowing that we are all safe.

So, with that I’m off to the grocery store to stock up and begin cooking some serious comfort food. It’s Labor Day but I’m trading the hamburgers and hot dogs in for more hearty fair.

Once Dorian passes, I’ll be back on the road this month, heading out to the Arizona desert. Can’t wait! Stay safe.

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