Planning All Kinds of Trips


This year took off like a rocket, it’s January 18th and I already feel, well behind.  We’ve had several unusual blasts of Winter in the South and it gets my mind to wandering… about warmer places, fruity drinks, you know what I’m saying.

January 1st I did not have any trips planned to look forward to but being hunkered down in the house with snow, cold, ice and the internet has remedied that.  I have three adventures booked now for the first quarter of the year: the first to the islands (of course), the second to the wine country of Northern California, and the third to Las Vegas.

It got me thinking about how important it is to get those trips, whether to exotic locations or just down the road on the calendar. It gives you something to look forward to and plan, usually, what culinary explorations will take place in each locale is at the top of my list.  My much more organized husband will handle hotels, rental cars and such.  He is so good at sussing out interesting locations and sleeping arrangements, thank you Air BnB.  Second, when you are having a bad day, you can say, yep, 10 more days until wheels up – I’ve got this!

So,  I definitely love having the big trips planned but this year I am really focused on making sure I’m spending time near home with the people I care about, doing things around here. I have realized that I have lived in the Atlanta area for, well a lot of years, and I rarely ever act like a tourist, I know a lot of us do that. And there is so much to do right here in my backyard and within an easy day’s drive.  So, stay tuned for updates on more of those adventures.

Let me know if you are traveling somewhere exotic or just plain interesting this year – I might add it to my ever-growing, gotta get to it, list.


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