Paleo Challenge – Week One


Giving better health a jump start in 2017.  A 30-day Paleo cleanse – healthy vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and water.  No carbs, no dairy, no alcohol, no processed food.

Planning and preparation are the keys.  I have to not think about what I’m going to eat this week.  My husband is also doing the cleanse so check on one of the biggest success factors, have a partner.  I will still have the added temptation of cooking for the children and their snacks are still around. I don’t have the luxury of tossing out all that good, I mean bad, food.  They’ll be eating more paleo than usual with some carbs and starches thrown in. No one ever said a Mom’s job would be easy.


So, off to the grocery stores early this Sunday morning.  So, it’s a lot to take in looking for all organic vegetables and grass fed meat especially since my husband is with me and he has no patience whatsoever for shopping so I was feeling rushed and was getting the look for spending $10+ for two chicken breasts.  I decided on Whole Foods for meat and organic veggies/fruit and our neighborhood Kroger for other staples.

He will either learn more about the paleo diet and jump on board or he will jump off and I’ll be on my own for the month.  Either way, I’m definitely be shopping by myself going forward.

So, I have not been hungry at all today and I have felt normal but the evening will be the test – I tend to get more hungry toward the end of the day.  I think I’m too busy during the day to think about it too much.  I had probably an extra handful of nuts (raw walnuts) or two in the evening and I definitely munched on raw vegetables throughout the day. I tended to lean toward the carrots over the broccoli probably because carrots are sweeter.


I was still home, last day of vacation for the holidays.  Being home helped because this prep can take awhile when you are slow in the kitchen like me.  Before I started, I created a plan for what we would eat each day, day two and I’ve already deviated from that plan when I realized I forgot to buy egg white protein powder and fish fillets (I like to buy and eat fish the same day and did not feel like going back to the store today on a very rainy, dreary day).

I think improvising and flexibility are needed and the plan is still a good guide and helps with the grocery shopping.

I had a few more cravings in the evening but we had eaten a bit later so I was able to ignore them.  I’m not really hungry on the diet, just not what I would call satisfied.  I guess, that’s the cravings in disguise.


First day back to work for the year.  Up early, as usual, but need to spend a few minutes getting breakfast ready, as well as both of our lunches and snacks.  It’s back to the grind and neither of us will be back until after 7:00 tonight.  This is where it will get tough because we will get home and be hungry and will need to stick to the plan for the evening.


Hitting a wall.  I am not hungry but I’m not satisfied.  I guess that’s the cravings.  I am focused on getting through this week.

Today I actually feel week and fuzzy-headed.  Hopefully this will pass quickly!


I’m getting the hang of it but definitely making little modifications where needed – all within the Paleo guidelines.  As I suspected at the beginning of this experiment, planning and flexibility are key. That’s probably why a lot of people don’t stick with it long term.  Also, had to buy a few more things not normally in my pantry like Coconut Aminos.


So both weekend evenings, I really wanted a glass of wine.  My husband was able to talk me out of cheating both times, so, definitely good to have a partner for the 30 days.

We survived week one.  I’m hoping week two is easier from a cravings and prep perspective.  I am trying to keep an open mind but right now I don’t see doing this strictly long term.  I miss butter, oh, and I miss wine.  We both lost a couple of pounds this week though so that’s an added bonus.

Week Two focuses on getting more creative with recipes and exercising more.

Stay tuned for how we fared on week two of the Paleo 30 Day Challenge.




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