Paleo Challenge – Week Four


On the home stretch with two days to go. Feeling proud and actually feeling really darn good.

It’s still a lot of work but any healthy eating habits are going to require planning, prep and discipline. It has gotten easier and faster though.

The day after our 30 day cleanse ends, we are headed off on vacation but to a location where I think we can eat really healthy most of the time, lots of fresh fish, vegetables and fruit.

We are both motivated to continue to eat mostly Paleo because we feel so good. I’ll definitely be adding back in moderate amounts of wine, cheese and butter (oh, and popcorn too).

A Paleo cleanse was a fantastic way to start off the year. I’m so glad that we did it. Biggest takeaway is that it really makes you stop and think about what you are eating.

Here’s to a healthier 2017!

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