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Painted Sunsets in Tucson

People live in Tucson for the sunsets.

Each day of our visit, I knew exactly what time the sun would set and had staked out a spot to watch the show.

Every single evening is a masterpiece. The sky is a canvas that is painted in a new way. Like a snow flake, no two are alike. Pictures fail to do it justice.

Few things leave my fingers speechless but experiencing Tucson and the Sonoran desert is an experience that I have been savoring for a couple of weeks now as I figure out how to share it.

It’s tough to put into words although it seems many a poet and writer have tried. Once that fiery ball slips out of site, the real show begins to light up the sky.

I would never tire of ending my day with that show. A glass of wine in hand, my best friend by my side, bring on the night.

Definitely, definitely put visiting Tucson on your must-see list. I have lots more to share about visiting this desert, but like good chocolate, let’s savor it one bite at a time.

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