Out with the old car…


When you have the realization that your kids did not grow up the way you did. It’s what you wanted, hoped, and work for but when you realize it, it hits you kinda funny. And you wonder, did they have it too easy?

They’ve never experienced going to bed hungry, not having money to eat lunch at school or to buy the clothes that will help them blend in.  They don’t understand why you work so hard and fight to save for that rainy day because you are never comfortable.  You have no safety net to fall back on… but they do.  They have you.

My husband and I have been driving the same two vehicles for almost 15 years.  I know – who does that today.  My husband is now selling his truck – he has taken very good care of it and it still looks nice too.  Granted it’s not worth a lot of money. What hit me is that the people looking at it are all looking to buy a car for their kid.  And said children are so excited about the possibility of having this old truck.

Contrast that to my kids who most definitely did not want to drive Dad’s old truck and are driving much nicer, newer (not new, but newer) vehicles.  I gave it some thought and realized that I’m good with the decision not to pass down Dad’s old truck.  Our kids were very involved with purchasing their first vehicles – it took months of research with Dad.  Each one reflects their personalities and style (and are safe vehicles).  It’s a big deal to get your first car.  They’re not new cars. So, no I don’t think they’re spoiled or took it for granted which was my fear.

All three of our kids learned to drive in that old truck and it’s safely carried them since they were in car seats.  It’s been a good truck but it’s time to let it go. I told my husband, we should have been a car commercial as this truck has been part of our family for so long but it will have a new owner today and that’s okay.

I hope you all fondly remember purchasing your first vehicle too.

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