One woman every minute – say what?


I was recently out with a friend and she was having some pain in her chest. We talked about it and kinda went, nahhh, I’m sure it’s nothing.

Later that evening she was still having chest pains and her husband (the smart one in this story) took her to the E.R. Thankfully she did not have anything as serious as a heart attack or stroke but it got me wondering why is it so hard for many of us to prioritize taking care of ourselves?

Heart disease kills more women every year than anything else.  It kills one in three women.  That’s approximately one woman every minute.

We all know we need to move more, eat better, manage our stress … but then life happens.

I find that there are days and weeks that I’m really good and then ones where it all goes out the window. And maybe that’s okay as long as we keep trying.

The American Heart Association has a new challenge called #GoRedGetFit designed to help reduce those statistics one step at a time.






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