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Nurturing a food island

Is there anything better than homegrown tomatoes in Summer? Yes, your very own homegrown tomatoes. This is year two of my adventure into community gardening. It’s an inexpensive, easy way to work on your green thumb.

I’ve repeated my rookie mistake again this year of planting too many tomato plants and having them take over and push out everything else. Gardening in a small space, I’m learning, is a bit more science than art and I’ve got loads left to learn. But that’s okay, a community garden gives you exposure to master gardener’s, enthusiasts, and beginner’s alike. Plus, it’s fun to share your surplus! Everyone loves fresh tomatoes and I always get to see great pictures of the caprese salad or BLT they made with them.

Sometimes in my travels, I stumble across a great Community Garden. I visited the one in the pictures below while in Florida. The best thing about this one was that it was open to the public to wander through it. It had lots of places to sit and enjoy the garden, plus it was a bit quirky and fun.

So, if you are not cultivating your own food island this Summer, I encourage you to stop by your local farmer’s market or produce stand. I can’t get enough of all the berries in season right now. I hope this inspires you to get your hands in the dirt and start planning a small garden. I’m busy planning what to put in for the Fall and Winter season and growing herbs to have right on my window sill. As a child in Nebraska, we always had a small garden and I really love having one again.

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