Nostalgic Summer Vacation


Sunrise at New Smyrna Beach, Florida


Being at the beach (or any body of water) over the 4th of July holiday is my ideal vacation.

There is the overpacking with the truck stuffed to the gills.  There is the mad attempt to get out of town ahead of traffic that never happens.

New this year was having two teens with learner’s permits that each drove part of the way, husband’s idea, I said no way and cowered in the backseat with the dog!

There is the hastily made sandwiches, bags of junk food and drinks so we don’t have to stop except once for gas and a quick trip to the bathroom. Oh, and the unplanned stop at the fireworks store on the border so I guess that’s two.

And then there is the arrival.  We hunkered down like there was a snowstorm coming and played.  We spent long lazy days just sitting and playing on the sand and in the waves.  We rode bikes – ouch, what the heck was that muscle.  We kayaked in the mangroves and felt like explorers. We saw a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.  Oh, and we shot off fireworks.  This is the Florida beaches, they’re lots and lots of fireworks.

We said many a prayer of thanks for being Americans – truly grateful for everyone who has and continues to make huge sacrifices for our freedom.

Over the week we acquired sunburned noses and tan legs.  This was one vacation that was not stressful, the teens were easy and fun to be around, and we just did not have to be anywhere or do anything we did not want to do.

So, whether you head to the beach or to your backyard, make and treasure those Summer memories.


Here are a few more pictures that were taken by my very talented son to get you dreaming about your next trip to the shore.



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