Never Forget


We all know where we were and what we were doing when our country hit the pause button. We repeat the stories, the memories… we still cry and say prayers. Fifteen years, twenty years, fifty years, we’ll still feel the same.

We said we wouldn’t let them win, but I don’t feel any safer today than I did the day that security was shattered.

As a Mom of boys I particularly remember in the days, weeks, month and even early years after 9/11 thinking, please finish this, I don’t want to have to send my babies to fix this mess. Do it right, now. End this.

But guess what, my oldest just turned 18 and our children still register for the selective service and the possibility that they will be called to serve is as great as ever and I’m scared.

So while we pray today for those we lost, their families and our entire nation, please pray that we remember who we are.  We are Americans, proud Americans, we don’t forget and we will kick ass if need be.

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