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Music in my soul

We’re all missing a lot of things during this pandemic and ‘live’ music is a big one for me. Live music brings us together, suspends time, tells a story, makes us laugh, smile, and cry. It’s an integral part of the human experience.

I’m lucky to be living in a state that is opening back up and while at dinner, yes dinner out!, the other evening, I was so happy to listen to a guy with a keyboard belting out oldies in the corner. I was so happy I literally had tears in my eyes.

In the Midwest, we have block parties. You get a permit. You shut down your street. And you have a party. And it’s awesome. This was a magical wedding block party that I attended in 2019. A great time and great memories – my Dad was the king of block parties and always manned the grill. And if Dad was on the grill, it was gonna be spicy and good. Yum!

I’ve been listening to all kinds of music at home during the pandemic and I do lean country. I’d say Eric Church has definitely been getting the most airtime at my home. And I have never seen him perform live. I don’t know why? It just hasn’t happened and it will be remedied as soon as possible.

I’ve flipped through my phone and smiled at the memories, of time spent with friends, dancing it out, to old favorites like Rick Springfield whose an amazing performer in his 70’s! and still the original doctor dreamy, to a Hootie & the Blowfish reunion, to local bands at the house of Blues, to Jimmy Buffet in Omaha transporting us far away to the islands. I can’t imagine not having live music on a regular basis much longer!

I’ll never forget getting to introduce Elvis Costello’s music to my son – fan for life and accidentally discovering Larkin & Poe. Or my son’s Dad taking him to Boston and surprising him with Smashing Pumpkins tickets.

A few years ago I went to Country Fair in Daytona Beach. I spent most of my time in the smaller Blue Bird Theater stage while my friends all migrated to the big stage. I was alone, anxiously awaiting one of my favorites, Jamie Johnson. Amazingly the theater kept clearing out – Jamie was up against Kid Rock. And I spent an amazing evening with Jaime, a war vet in a wheel chair, and his wife. As the the theater kept clearing out, we kept moving him up closer to the stage – we ended up about three rows back with a great view. It was a magical night that started out helping a stranger and then bonding over a shared love of music that I’ll never forget.

So, whether it’s the guy with a guitar and amazing sunset happening behind him, a concert in the park, a kids orchestra, an outdoor, cozy amphitheater, a local bar/music venue, or an arena – we need our music back! It feeds our souls.

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