More than phone numbers


I’m currently the keeper of my extended family’s history of pictures and records.  I’m working to get them digitized and available to my very large, very far-flung family.  I know I need to get it done because there are relatives still living that could help identify some of the people in the older pictures.

But what to do with my Mom’s Address Book… this sat next to my Mom’s phone for as long as I can remember.  Need a number, need an address, need to remember your third cousin’s babies name… it’s in the address book.

I don’t know when my Mom started doing this, maybe it happens when you collect enough years, but at some point, she started noting next to people’s names, RIP and the date.  As hard as it must be to lose so many loved ones, my Mom was always bringing new people into her life.  There were new names being added, and little notes as to their connections, like Red Hats, Book Club, and Church.

Once you were in the Address Book, you never came out, you were woven into the history.  I’m thinking about starting one of my own… or is that too old school?



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