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Miss You Dad


I avoid social media on Father’s Day. My Dad’s been gone for over 20 years but it still and will always hurt.

The blessing is as time passes you remember the good times and the not so good times fade more. My Dad was a complex, haunted man that grew up way too fast. He fought abuse at home, two wars, and carried many scars and demons.

My older siblings knew a different Dad than I did and would have a different story to tell as I was a young teen when my Dad finally got his shit together. My Dad was a man of few words but he could convey a lot of love in a hug or a squeeze of the hand.

IMG_0183 (2)

He insisted on giving a minimum of three hugs a day and always said I loved you.  On one hand, he was fiercely protective, giving my brothers way more freedom than me, and on the other hand, believed that me, as a girl, could do whatever I wanted to do in this big old world.

I’m a hugger because of my Dad but he also gave me my blue eyes, my independent-ness, and my love and loyalty of family in good times and bad.  I know my Dad is proud of the woman, the wife, and the Mother that I’ve become but man I miss him!

Ya just can’t put all that on social media but I do hope that people spend time with their Dad’s today, and every chance they get, whether that is in person or just missing them. No Dad is perfect but my Dad taught me that people can change.


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