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Meal Prep For Success

Wow! I feel ready to tackle the week. I spent a couple hours last night with my current binge on Netflix, Mindhunter, on in the background while I cooked up a storm!

First up was getting ready for lunches – Friday is a splurge day, I have lunch plans with one of my besties. Having that treat to look forward to will help me stay focused on eating healthy during the week so I can have a no guilt splurge.

This one-sheet salmon and asparagus recipe came across my Facebook feed and I just had to try it. See before, after, and 4 lunches packed and ready to go! Easy-peasey.

I didn’t stop there though. I had picked up a rotisserie chicken so I made a low-carb chicken salad to nosh on throughout the week. I made it the southern way with some hard-boiled eggs and some great homemade mustard that I had picked up in Kansas City. Yum!

But what about breakfast? It’s always a sprint out the door. I made egg muffins to grab and go – one pan with cheese for the kids and one without for me. I love cheese but I’m trying to cut back on it. With the mushrooms, bacon, and spinach, I don’t think I’ll even miss it.

I’m looking forward to a busy week where I don’t have to think about what’s for breakfast or lunch. I’m always looking for great, easy recipes so for my fellow meal planners, post your favs and I’ll try them. Have a great week!

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