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Lunch With… Helen Reddy


People get asked that question a lot.  Who would you like to have lunch with?  And most people answer Oprah, the Pope, a President, Warren Buffett etc…  Nope, not me, my top pick right now with would be Helen Reddy.

Why Helen Reddy?

Yes, she has a fantastic voice and has been a performer, well most all of her life.  But I know she is so much more than that and I don’t think people know the full story.  They probably think she had it easy with the gift of a voice like that.  But I don’t think any performer, successful or not, has ever had it easy.  She is an immigrant, a risk-taker, a survivor, a mother, and a role model for many.  And I think we would all benefit from hearing more about her.

In addition to her amazing musical career, she also performed in theater including on Broadway.  Ms. Reddy has retired from performing so I’ll never get to experience that live, but I will continue to listen to her music, this is my favorite of all of her recorded performances.

This performance is my favorite because it shows her strength and how it has evolved over the years and how she continued to showcase it, not as it was but as it is.

I was a young child in the 70’s so while not old enough to be in the middle of the women’s rights movement, I was drawn to her music at a young age.  Well if I can’t have lunch with Ms. Reddy, I can read her 2006 memoir.  I just purchased it from Amazon and look forward to it arriving in the mail.

Learn More: and for the young ‘uns reading (aka my wolves) check out her music on your favorite streaming service.

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