Love 365


I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day fan. Too commercial.  Too much pressure.  Let’s just put it this way, for the past 20+ year’s my husband and I have joked about one of his first Valentine presents to me, which was windshield wiper blades.

Yep ladies you heard that right, windshield  wipers.

So, while I don’t need candlelight and flowers on a designated day, I certainly appreciate them. But more importantly we’ve tried hard on holidays to make sure we teach our three boys how to treat women right – remember they don’t have any sisters to learn from.

Not an easy job but I hope it’s sinking in.  Did you know that the elementary schools now require the kids to bring Valentines for every child (okay that’s reasonable) and they have to be all the same – generic – no names on the outside.  Crushing development! Valentine’s Day  was the one big opportunity to see what kind of Valentine your crush would pick out for you so you and your girlfriends could spend hours reading between the lines! Another tradition stomped on in the name of PC and not hurting anyone’s feelings? Guess what? Love hurts sometimes and our kids are losing out on these early, somewhat gentler lessons.

I tell my husband and children I love them pretty much every day (often more than once). So, celebrate Valentine’s Day today – enjoy the flowers, the chocolate, the romance, but remember to show your Love 365.

On the rare occasion when someone has the audacity to ask me if I regret not having a girl? I say what is true, not for a minute, I don’t need no princesses, it’s so much better to be Queen. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Footnote: my husband’s Valentine presents which do show up 365 have progressed quite nicely from the windshield wiper blades days – can’t wait to see what I get this year when I get home next weekend!


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