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Laugh Often and Out Loud

My oldest son is a prankster. Always has been. Always will be. When he comes home to visit, I know for week’s after I’ll find little surprises around the house that will have me in stiches.

The latest was finding a can of Sun-Dried Georgia Possum amidst my canned goods, right next to the Starkist tuna.

No, it’s absolutely not a thing, it’s a joke. But I had to pause for a second because, well, I do live in Georgia.

That got me to thinking about a couple of his more memorable jokes. I’d often find plastic bananas or apples mixed in with the produce in my fruit bowl. Be careful when cracking eggs because he has been known to mix in fake eggs with the real ones.

My all time favorite took place during a Thanksgiving where we had a lot of guests, family thank goodness, staying with us over the holiday. He had quietly, randomly, replaced some of the family photos throughout the house with random pictures of people we don’t know. More memorable ones were of Kim Jong Un and a very large, shirtless, man in a very small rowboat.

Another of my favorites is when he was working at a summer day camp. On water day, they filled the back of a pickup truck full of water for the kids to play in . They called it an Alabama Hot Tub and yes it does work and yes it is now banned from that particular day camp. Again, my only defense is, I raised him in Georgia.

I’ll leave you with something we have been joking about doing for years now. Who knows maybe someone will see this and run with the idea. We live in an area where men of a certain age like to drive very nice sports cars – some new and some classics. In parking lots, we have joked about just casually applying small magnets of “little blue pills” or “bath tubs” to the trunks to see how long it takes them to notice them. We envision all sorts of branded cars driving by us while we snicker at our own humor.

So, while I miss my oldest son who is off at college, I know he is still out there spreading his own brand of humor and boy do I miss it!

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